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Chromebooks aren’t the ideal Minecraft laptops, that’s for sure. There’s no web-based or Chrome app version of Minecraft, which is written in Java. But Chromebook owners aren’t completely out-of-luck if they want to play Minecraft. via Pocket http://ift.tt/1p0hzQv

Frank Herbert’s iconic novel Dune takes place on the incredibly arid world of Arrakis. via Pocket http://ift.tt/1tH1znD

Most of the time our AC adapters and power supplies tend to be quiet, but what does it mean when one makes a whining noise? Should you be concerned? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answers to a worried reader’s questions. via Pocket http://ift.tt/1tGRuHb

High quality camera phones and their ease of use make it really easy to quickly clutter up your phone’s limited internal storage with photos. Let’s take a look at how you can shift the default location from your phone’s internal memory to the more spacious SD card. via Pocket http://ift.tt/1tGxiFi

If you’ve ever wanted to convert a video file, but weren’t sure what to use, then Handbrake might be the program for you. There are a lot of applications out there that purport to convert video files. via Pocket http://www.howtogeek.com/199618/how-to-use-handbrake-to-convert-any-video-file-to-any-format/

Whether you need to check what files were recently opened on your computer for backup reasons or if you want to see what someone else was opening on your computer, the OSFV tool comes in handy. via Pocket http://ift.tt/ZWrA5j

Microsoft does offer a web-based version of Skype, so you can chat with your friends on your Chromebook. There’s no official voice or video support yet, but there are ways around that. If you depend on Skype for voice-and-video chatting, you may want to try Google Hangouts instead. via Pocket http://ift.tt/1Dp9Xb2
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