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Hey friends,
I am really happy that you all think of this log so highly, and it makes me extremely happy. I have been contacted by many readers on issues regarding spam, twitter handle etc. So here are are a few guidelines:

  1.  My twitter handle is @Arun_Baby. Those interested in staying updated are most welcome to follow me. But to serve you better I request you to please mention me in a tweet that says that you also read my blog. Please feel free to ask for a follow back!
  2. I have received comments that say that user comments have not appeared. Please understand that spam is really headache for me. Thus I have a system in which each comment has to be moderated separately by me. Once I have moderated your comments (which I’ll try to do the earliest but it’s getting tough as I get almost 90 comments a day) your comments will become visible. Meanwhile                              PLEASE DO NOT REPEAT THE SAME COMMENT AGAIN AND AGAINhoping that it will appear (YOU’RE SPAMMING THAT WAY!!!).
  3. I am really concerned about your safety.                                                                                                                                                                             DO NOT PUT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS ON COMMENTS AS SUCH: YOU MAY BE SPAMMED.Please hide it using a captcha and then post it on a comment. It is a slight trouble but trust me it’s worth it.

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  4. Finally if you like my blog, please don’t be mean and tell others too! Your suggestions keep me going; so please…

Please Provide Your Valuable Feedback:

Two former cabinet ministers have called for further scrutiny of the proposed appointment of the new House of Commons clerk amid an ongoing row. Former foreign secretaries Jack Straw and Margaret Beckett want Australian Carol Mills to face MPs in a hearing before taking up the senior role. via Pocket

India has blocked the release of a film on the assassination of former Indian Prime Minster Indira Gandhi, after complaints it glorified her killers. Intelligence agencies had warned of potential violence if it is released. via Pocket

If you’re a Scrabble fanatic, you’d be pleased to know that there are 5 ways to play scrabble online. Not to mention loads of unusual tools to help you be a better player. But this list is key — memorise them for the win! via Pocket

Heavy rain has hampered rescue operations in Japan’s Hiroshima prefecture where a deadly landslide killed at least 39 people. The number of people missing has jumped to 51, officials say, after police cross-checked information with fire crews, Kyodo news agency reported. via Pocket

US clothing store Gap is bringing its brand to India with the aim of opening 40 outlets, and it will launch the first two stores early next year. Gap’s first two outlets will be in Mumbai and the capital Delhi – India’s biggest and busiest cities. via Pocket

UN’s human rights chief Navi Pillay has strongly criticised the UN Security Council for its failure to prevent conflicts around the world. She said that national interest had repeatedly taken precedence over human suffering and breaches of world peace. via Pocket

The bodies of 20 Malaysian victims of Flight MH17 that crashed in Ukraine in July are due to arrive in Kuala Lumpur, as the nation holds a day of mourning. National flags will be flying at half-mast across the country and a minute of silence will be observed. via Pocket

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